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Tennis Rabbi




Rabbi Lev grew up in Southern California to a non-religious home. As a successful high school student and tennis champion, he had his future set up for him. However, he chose a life of deeper meaning and purpose. 

With a powerful message and speaking style that never fails to be soul-stirring, heartwarming, thought-provoking, compelling, engaging, and entertaining all at once, Rabbi Lev's talks and personal life story -- always colored with jokes and stories -- have proven to be events that are talked about by his audiences long after the encounter itself.


As the founder of the Daily Jew-ce -- the well-known and widely tuned in daily inspirational message on WhatsApp -- Rabbi Lev is the speaker you want when you're looking for powerful impact.


Anonymous, CA

"Lev Yakov is an incredible speaker! He really captivates the crowd and keeps everyone at the edge of their seat. Highly recommend bringing him to your next event."


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